Journey to Hurricane Island

Partial Polling Results

Last Updated: 00:00 on 1 August 2021

Total Voters: 2,537

Partial Results Podium

1st – 1119 votes
2nd – 1030 votes
3rd – 992 votes

Please note that each Voter casts 2 votes: 1 woman and 1 man. And so the total number of votes is twice the total number of Voters.

Meet The #UPGSustainability Leaders

Keoratile Moloto (South Africa)

Focusing on most of the SDGs, I specialize mainly in SDG 5, Gender Equality. I believe in collaboration and innovative ideas from young minds of all genders. I am less likely to support marches against genders because in a way those are the borders that separate women and men to co-exist and be fond of sharing ideas and being comfortable being around one another, sharing ideas and theories together as Humans. Trust has turned into distrust, love has turned into hate and how we perceive one another is like that of how we perceive objects. I believe we as humans can still co-exist and love one another like the brothers and sisters we are.

Kikuni Papy Victor Papsher (DR Congo)

Where I call out people to vote for me on the journey to hurricane island for making my project strong and gain more knowledge in how I could serve my community and change the lives of many youths within the community. from a refugee background, this opportunity play a big role in my life as UPG LeaderI always believe everyone can make difference.

Mark Kojo Medegli (Ghana)

Mark Kojo Medegli is a National Service Person at Nsaba Presbyterian Senior High School, Ghana, and currently a UPGSL Sustainability Leader. He is also the Founder and CEO of Impact World International and Unity Keep Fit Club Dzemeni with over 8 years of experience in NGO work.

Zainab Adam Abubakar (Nigeria)

I am Zainab Adam Abubakar from Nigeria Africa, I am a UPG Sustainability leader. I am working on SDG 4 and 8. Being an SDG enthusiast I want to educate and train youths on digital skills for a better tomorrow, starting from email, digital communication through website development, and many more.

Tinomuda Daphne Gora (Zimbabwe)

Tinomuda Daphne Gora, Zimbabwe is a master student studying Governance and Regional Integration at the Pan African University. She is a leader and an advocate for women empowerment, with emphasis on girls’ education. She is guided by SDG 6 which is clean water and sanitation to all.

Zinab Abdelfatah (Egypt)

As an academic, the Hurricane Island opportunity will equip me with the capacity needed to establish different cultural platforms through which I can raise my students’ awareness on objectively identifying the challenges in their community structures, exposing contradictions and biases in the prevailing narratives, and bringing fresh perspectives on board. As a social activist, my efforts will be enriched to build mutual dialogue platforms, both online and offline, to correct the stereotypes promoted by the mainstream media discourse, combat disinformation, and break the boundaries when addressing issues like gender, religion, pluralism, etc.

Journey to Hurricane Island
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