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Are you passionate about Philanthropy, but think you are not wealthy enough to make an impact?

Goodwill Vows is a platform that enables individuals and organizations alike to register donations to causes they care about either now or in the future, which can be based on a conditional event or the passage of time.


Make a Vow, Make a Difference


Join any of our events and discover the power of small actions and how donations (no matter how big or small) can make a difference.

In our sessions you will learn about:

  • Goodwill Vows: Who we are and Our Mission
  • How to cultivate the culture of philanthropy and giving
  • How you can support a cause you care about
  • Projects, Organizations & Activities that promote the cause you care about
  • How your vow can help meet challenges of non-profit organizations that promote the cause you care about.
  • And much more!

Join the movement, #MakeaGoodwillVow


No one has ever become poor by giving.

-Anne Frank

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