How We Work

We move from mission to action by focusing on activities defined by UPG’s Four Pillars. We refer to these Four Pillars as UPG’s ABCs: A, B, C and C.


“It is possible”: Focuses on sharing different ways that people can make the world a better place. For example, helping people to understand and to explore the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


“Yes we can”: Moves beyond awareness and increases belief that each person is capable of making an impact. For example, developing and promoting initiatives that help people to make the world a better place through training and capacity building. This includes sustainability training, awareness and empowerment training across a range of themes, and invitations to attend selected events to provide exposure. After these activities, participants have even more belief in their own ability to make a positive contribution.


“Let’s work together”: Develops and champions initiatives where people can work together to make the world a better place on selected themes. Specifically, this includes the Sustainable Development Goals and also supporting each other’s projects.


“You are not alone”: Fosters a sense of community between people across the world who share a common sense of purpose towards making the world a better place. This is done by facilitating communications between those who subscribe and through regular communications to them. This sense of community helps people to motivate each other, share best practices in a safe environment, and ultimately create even greater impact.

These four pillars come to life in one of four ways:

Events: We host events and interactions

Publications: We publish articles and reports

Initiatives: We facilitate and organise initiatives that have direct impact

Community: We foster communities, locally and globally

By doing these things well, we collectively contribute to achieving UPG’s mission.

Yes We Can Make the World A Better Place

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