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UPG Biashara is an initiative that supports entrepreneurs in their journey to turn ideas into businesses. This includes growing and strengthening existing enterprises.

Biashara is a Kiswahili word for “business” and it emphasizes the fact that with this initiative UPG is supporting entrepreneurs and all those looking to create impact through business.

The Youth Skills Gap

The “Youth Skills Gap” is a challenge facing many communities: high levels of youth unemployment in the same community where employers are having trouble finding talent to fill vacancies. Many of the opportunities ahead are related to a series of issues from “workplace readiness” to “leveraging technology.”

In collaboration with remarkable hosts, UPG is proud to support an effort to encourage the private sector to be more active in their communities about addressing this issue. And you can get involved too.

UPG Sustainability Leadership

UPG Sustainability Leadership mobilises people and organisations to support positive citizen leadership on sustainability. The flagship activity involves the training of UPG Sustainability Leaders who are trained in partnership with the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership.

The trainings take place in separate cohorts and on Hurricane Island in Maine, where they spend 5 days learning and preparing for their mandate. Upon the conclusion of these trainings, UPG Sustainability Leaders conduct mini-training sessions in their cities and the undertake local projects. All this contributes to a ground swell of informed citizens taking positive action and demonstrating sustainability leadership.

COVID-19 Action Hub

The COVID-19 Action Hub helps individuals and organisations to take positive action locally and globally related to COVID-19.

– Are you already taking action related to COVID-19?
– Or do you want to take action?
– Scale Up: Do you want to share or connect your actions, your expertise and your energy, so that we all have greater impact locally or globally?

Everyone can do something and we celebrate both small and big actions.

Goodwill Vows

Goodwill Vows is a platform that enables people and organisations to make a donation, now or in the future, to causes that they care about; a donation that is conditional on an event happening.

That conditional event could simply be the passage of time or it could be a conditional event that enables their donation. Goodwill Vows does not receive or handle any of the funds donated, the platform curates and supports the making and honouring of vows. With Goodwill Vows philanthropy is truly about generosity because everyone can make a vow.

The Empowered People Index (EPI)

The Empowered People Index (EPI) ranks countries and territories in the world by how possible it is for an average citizen to determine their own future.

We are in conversations with our Members, Champions, and other stakeholders about promising initiatives that we can all support. Please do contact us  if you have ideas for initiatives that you would like to see UPG support.

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