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We are extremely sad about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And we hope that more people, organisations and nations take action to help our brothers and sisters in this time of need. We also hope that collectively we can take specific actions to bring this conflict to a peaceful end.

All of us can do something

From supporting organisations that are taking action, to using our own voices to spread awareness, to spending time together motivating each other – all of us can do something. Please scroll down and let us be #UnitedForUkraine.

Join “United For Ukraine” events

In these moments, it is important to be with people who care. Please come online and let us share thoughts or feelings or ideas for action. RSVP for an upcoming #UnitedForUkraine event.


Selected Video Messages - #UnitedForUkraine

UPG Peace Ambassadors for Ukraine

Charity Session with Professor Yaroslav Hrytsak

UPG Peace Ambassadors for Ukraine plans to organize a charity session with Professor Yaroslav Hrytsak in October.

This event is aimed at making Donations to help Ukraine during this Russia’s Invasion. We would like your thoughts and opinions on a Topic for the Event
If you plan to attend the charity event, please vote

Voting period is over. Thank you..

Donate Directly to Organisations supporting Ukraine

Please click below to learn more about selected reputable organisations and how we can be part of the support effort. The words below are from their websites. Please share this as it may help others to take action.

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