Journey To Hurricane Voting

A unique and unforgettable experience, the #UPGSustainability pilgrimage to Hurricane Island (USA) provides further unique opportunities to UPG Sustainability Leaders. During the week-long stay on the island, Leaders are presented with different experiences to understand how to address the challenges of specific ecosystems in a sustainable way. The chosen candidates will also have the opportunity to explore the local environment, understand problems, and challenges, and think about sustainable solutions based on field investigations. This week is also designed to provide them with opportunities to develop and to strengthen their own local projects and to receive feedback from peers and mentors. Finally, the week provides several opportunities to pause, to reflect and to recharge – before returning to their respective communities even stronger.

#UPGSustainability #JourneyToHurricane

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The voting phase is closed and the winners will be announced at a #UPGSustainability event on 9 February 2024.
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