why upg

At United People Global freedom is beautiful because of everything that it makes possible. Like the freedom to do what you love or the freedom to enjoy the company of people who also want to make the world a better place or the freedom to do both.

Who We Are

UPG is a community that encourages and enables people to participate in making the world a better place. This is achieved in various ways and especially by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UPG works to raise awareness, strengthen belief, facilitate collaboration and foster community. UPG uses publications, projects and events to achieve its mission.

Our belief

We believe that every individual, however rich or poor, strong or weak or otherwise, has an important contribution to make towards a more peaceful and sustainable world. 

Our Spirit

Diversity. Positivity. Possibility

Careers at United People Global

Explore opportunities to take your career to the next level.
United People Global is a fast growing organisation and we are constantly seeking for new talents to join our team. You want to participate in changing the world for a better place? Send us your unsolicited application in clicking >>here<< Want to know more about the type of opportunities we offer at United People Global? View jobs in clicking on followings:

Explore our Initiatives

Communities of Champions

The presence of a Community of Champions in a community is a sign that there is a team of engaged citizens that is acting in an open and peaceful manner to encourage and to enable people to take action in a positive way. Champions are also active globally as they bring voices from their communities into global activities; ensuring that their community is not left out, left behind or forgotten.

Sustainability Leadership

UPG Sustainability Leadership is being built by citizens, UPG Champions. UPG believes that sustainability includes BOTH the usual issues such as planting trees, recycling waste, managing energy, protecting the oceans AND that it also includes other issues that have been central to our societies for a long time such as: education, health, jobs, gender equality, sustainable consumption.

Shape the world and United Voices

The Shape the World and United Voices Initiative is a network of  people. We believe in a world where old and young people with diverse socio-cultural background are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change .This is a program we at UPG continue to use to bring people with  various work of life and  ideology to lime light and  support them on their numerous projects