UPG Thanksgiving 2022 – RSVP

UPG Thanksgiving is an annual event that UPG holds to coincide with International Human Solidarity Day. Given the significance of this day to UPG’s mission, we choose this moment to appreciate, to honour and to celebrate the contributions that people and organisations are making towards making the world a better place. And this begins with the UPG Community: we celebrate our “firsts”, our victories, challenges, milestones and the impact that we have individually and as a community. Join us and share your own stories with a Community that cares.

This year we will be celebrating with a theme, showcasing activities, achievements and what you can look forward to in the coming year. This event also provides an opportunity to fundraise in support of UPG’s work and we do in solidarity with you, by giving back through incredible prizes in the Grand Raffle. Please buy a Raffle Ticket to WIN and also to support UPG. Some winners are announced during the event and most winners are announced at the UPG Townhall in January 2023.

Thank you for being with us through this year, now come and let us celebrate together!


Thank you for your interest. This form is currently closed. Please check your email for UPG updates and activities. If you are interested in attending the UPG Townhall where the final #UPGThanksgiving prizes will be given, then please visit: https://upglive.org/townhall-rsvp Thank you.

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