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UPG COVID-19 Action Support
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The COVID-19 Action Support service is a FREE service offered by UPG, helping those who want to take action on COVID-19 to move to action.
If you are already taking action and you have a request that will support your action, please share it here.

– Do you have an idea and you are not sure how to move it forward?
– Or you already started and you know that more impact is possible?
– Are you in a community/network, that can have more impact?
– Or are you alone?

Welcome to UPG. We love to help people to take action.
Our responses range from suggestions sent to you by email, to
connecting you with others who can help, and possibly even
a full brainstorming session (via videoconference) with
our collaborations (“SWAT”) team.

Thank you for taking action. We hope that this helps.
The Covid19 Action Hub is open to everyone thanks to generous support from UPG Champions and Partners.

COVID19 Action Support Requests

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Please complete a separate form for each separate activity. And yes you can make more than one request.

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The Covid19 Action support is open to everyone, thanks to generous support by UPG Champions and Partners.
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