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UPG Biashara is an initiative that supports entrepreneurs in their journey to turn ideas into businesses.
This includes growing and strengthening existing enterprises

UPG Biashara Application Form

UPG Biashara - Application
Dear Entrepreneur, thank you for considering participating in UPG Biashara.

Entrepreneurship has always been central to progress. This fact is even more pertinent in the era that we live in today with the continuous evolution (and disruption) of business models. The solutions that the world seeks may lie beyond the usual sources. UPG Biashara is both inclusive and ambitious in its scope, with the goal of supporting people with ideas wherever they may be. This is why UPG Biashara is COMPLETELY FREE for those who are chosen to be part of the programme. However applicants need to compete to be CHOSEN for the limited places in this transformational programme. UPG Biashara is made up of a "Learning Journey" and an "Action Journey" - and both are FREE. There is a small application fee that is WAIVED (i.e. UPG will pay for you) for UPG Champions as well as those who cannot afford it, to ensure that UPG Biashara is 100% Free. To learn more, please select "About Application Fee" below.

You can learn more about UPG Biashara here: https://upglive.org/UPGBiashara. Please read and/or share the link with someone you know who would be interested. The application deadline is 31 December 2023. Good luck!

Next Steps

What we are looking for: Anyone who is running a business or dreams of running a business one day.

Diversity among UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs include:

- people who are running a business or who have run businesses in the past
- people who have an idea about a business that they would love to build AND people who have NO specific IDEA
- people from all world regions
- people aged 18 years and over on 5 February 2024
- people of different levels of education
- people who have a strong motivation to learn or to learn more about entrepreneurship
- people who believe in UPG’s mission to empower people to make the world a better place through positive action.

Finally, this diversity means that everyone stands a chance when we make the selection of the final UPG Biashara Entrepreneurs. Please note that your age is a minimum of 18 years on 5 February 2024. This ensures that all participants are considered adults for the duration of the cycle, from application to selection and throughout the entire UPG Biashara experience.

The application deadline is 31 December 2023. Please note that there is small application fee that must be paid for your application to be complete. There is an option to complete your application by saying “I cannot afford it” and to request that UPG pays your fee for you. The application fee is CHF 20 (about USD 20). UPG Champions can APPLY for free - their application fee will be covered by UPG. This is only applicable to those Champions who have made their annual financial contribution for the current year.

As part of UPG’s strong support for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, those who cannot afford to pay the application fee will have some seats in the class saved for them. To learn more about the fee, please select “About the Application Fee”.

Evaluation Guidance: The evaluation is done by reviewing the following sections of your application:

A. Profile / Background - who are you? This helps us to achieve diversity.
B. Motivation - we want the most motivated candidates
C. Ability - we want those whose ability is compatible with their motivation
D. Business Idea - we want those who are running a business or who dream of running a business one day. You do NOT lose any points if you have no business idea. But if you have a Business IDEA OR an actual business that you are running, then you get EXTRA points. Please note that most financial opportunities will support entrepreneurs with business ideas. Please don't worry, because of what we are looking for (described above), we will also select some people with "no business idea", however your chances are stronger if you are running a business or have a business idea.
E. Expectations - To ensure that we can build the programme and match the candidates that the programme can support

As part of this application it is strongly recommended that you submit a short video (maximum 90 seconds) to answer any of the questions from any section above or to tell us more about yourself. Among other things, the video helps us evaluate your communication skills. You may submit that video by including a link to the video in the application now (there is a section in the application for this). Or you may complete the application first and mention that you will do the video later. And then submit a link to your video here: https://upglive.org/sharecontent-upgb. For your video to be considered it must be submitted by the deadline.

Please remember that UPG Biashara is FREE. This means that you are a WINNER in this ecosystem and we will be working for YOU. And so in this application please tell your story and convince the reviewers about why you should be chosen.
Thank you again for your interest and good luck!
Biashara Learning Journey Flyer

Biashara Learning Journey Flyer

About the Application Fee

UPG Biashara is FREE. There is ZERO tuition / programme fee for over 50 classes, for the facilitated networking with other entrepreneurs, for the use of tech platforms, for the exposure to events, for the mentorship, for the funding and the support with applying for funding - and much more.

A modest application fee helps to determine which applicants are serious and motivated. It also contributes to the cost of a thorough review of every application: everything that applicants submit is reviewed by two or more real people (not algorithms). Everyone WINS when we have a Class full of motivated entrepreneurs.

100% FREE - UPG Pays The Fee For You: Motivated applicants who cannot afford the Application Fee CAN STILL COMPLETE THEIR APPLICATION: they have the option to request that UPG covers their application fee. UPG ensures that the most motivated entrepreneurs get the support that they need. As part of UPG’s strong support for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, those who cannot afford to pay the application fee will have some seats in the class saved for them.

By selecting the most motivated applicants, the quality of the experience is improved for those who are chosen to become part of the next Class. To learn more, please join an upcoming "Information Session" to ask any questions directly to the Team: https://upglive.org/upgbiashara-events-RSVP.

We hope that this clarifies. We wish you good luck and we hope to support and to celebrate you in your entrepreneurship journey!

Tip: If you want to see the information in this section again, then please switch your choice below to “No” and the information will reappear. Once you are done reading, then you can switch back to “Yes” to proceed.

I am ready to proceed now

Required Commitments for Applicants:

✅ I understand that UPG Biashara is FREE for those who are chosen and that the most motivated applicants are given priority.

✅ For my application to be complete, I understand that I have to EITHER pay an application fee that is non-refundable OR that I have to request for UPG to cover my application fee - this request is made as part of the application.

✅ I understand that if selected to Become a Candidate for UPG Biashara Entrepreneur, then I commit to organising at least 1 "mini-training" session to share with others some of what I learnt as part of my training and to become an ambassador who highlights the importance of entrepreneurship. This "mini-training" is conducted using materials provided by UPG. I commit to initiating this action within 6 (six) months of completing my own training.

✅ If chosen, I understand that I will remain or become part of the UPG Community as a UPG Member (becoming a UPG Member is FREE). If I am already a UPG Champion, then this is sufficient and no additional action is needed. As part of the application and selection process I understand that I will be granted special access to the UPG Community forum.

Please confirm your commitment to all requirements above.

Not Ready or Cannot Make the Commitments
If you are not ready or if you cannot make the required commitments or you are not eligible, then please stay connected. You may be able to participate in other activities and so please sign up to receive updates. And you can also join UPG and participate in even more activities.

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