Thanksgiving Raffle

Thank You!
As part of UPG Thanksgiving, we thank and honour our community, supporters and friends in many ways. One special activity is the Raffle Draw. Raffle Draws are a way to support UPG’s activities while also winning something special! The only thing you need to do is buy a Raffle Ticket from as little as CHF2 (about USD2).
And remember: If you are a UPG Champion, you will get a FREE Raffle Ticket if you pay your Champion contribution by;

To get a Raffle Ticket, buy the Standard “Single” Ticket (CHF10) or the Blue “Supporter” Ticket (USD2) and learn more about the gifts.

Winners are decided at the Raffle Draw on Thursday, 29 February at 4pm CET. You do not need to be in attendance to win : what you need is to hold the winning ticket! If you can be there, then please save the date and RSVP and you will receive updates. RSVP on
The Golden Tickets for #UPGSustainability and #UPGBiashara will be drawn at UPG Townhall on Friday, 26 January 2024 at 4pm CET. RSVP on

Some of the prizes include:

  • Win a 1 week (6-nights) stay for TWO on the romantic island of Zanzibar! In an Ocean Front Studio at the luxurious Zanziblue Resort – For UPG CHAMPIONS: If you are a Champion and win the stay, UPG will pay your return trip to Zanzibar!
  •  Win a Brand NEW laptop computer from a top manufacturer!
  • Win USD 1,000 in CASH in a single jackpot!
  • Win USD 250 in CASH in a single jackpot!
  • WIN ***Golden Tickets*** that give access into the most demanded programmes, including: #UPGSustainability and #UPGBiashara – A Golden Ticket can be used for yourself or you can gift it to someone else.
  • And many more gifts!

Note 1: UPG is established as a non-profit organisation and 100% of all funds goes to UPG’s activities.
Note 2: If you want a Raffle Ticket without purchasing it, then please join UPG events and activities as there are several opportunities to win a Raffle Ticket.

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