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Nominate A UPG Sustainability Leader

Nominate A UPG Sustainability Leader

Thank you for Nominating a UPG Sustainability Leader!

UPG Sustainability Leadership mobilises people and organisations to support positive citizen leadership on sustainability. We bring together people who are committed to impact by taking positive actions. One important way that we achieve this is by training “UPG Sustainability Leaders”. We are inspired by the strong response that we received in the applications for the Class of 2022: with over 6,500 applications from 159 countries and territories. And we are pleased to share a special opportunity for organisations that can make a difference for both the organisation and the young applicants.

Organisations are invited to nominate / endorse candidates for the next class of #UPGSustainability Leadership. Applicants who are selected are trained for FREE in positive citizen leadership on sustainability. They are required to fulfill two objectives after the training:
a) conduct a mini-training session and reach others
b) design and lead a project within their community or their organisation.

We have saved 100 places (20% of the class) for candidates who have the support of at least one organisation - a company, a nonprofit, or an institution. The support of the organisation strengthens their capacity to make an impact after the training - this increases their chances of being selected. And in turn, the organisation benefits in various ways by having an individual who has received training in positive citizen leadership on sustainability. The candidate that you nominate will have better chances to get access to a global community of like-minded and highly motivated young leaders (aged 18 to 35). This is an asset for your organisation. The training is also FREE. And there are many more benefits.

As an organisation, please share with us:

1 - The name of the candidate(s) that you are supporting;

2 - How you intend to support the candidate. The main support would either be with
a) helping the candidate with their mini-training session (e.g. providing IT support or a venue) OR
b) helping the candidate to realise their project.

Your nomination must be received by or before midnight (CET) on 31 December of the year prior to the Class for which you are nominating. For example, nominations should be received by 31 December 2022 for the Class of 2023. Please note that the applicant needs to submit a strong application by the same deadline and to meet all application criteria. To learn more please visit: https://upglive.org/UPGSustainability.

P.S: Please, share this link with the applicant so he/she can submit the application: https://unitedpeople.global/sustainability/upg-sustainability-leader-application/.

Are you ready to enhance your organisation? Are you ready to give a life-changing opportunity to a young person? Then let's get started!

Eligibility: Organisations have to be Champions or Members (FREE) in the UPG Community. We know that the support to the candidate will be strong from an organisation that is also a UPG Champion or Member. Organisations that are Champions have an advantage with this special opportunity and their candidates are ranked ahead. You may complete this nomination now and join the UPG Community by or before the deadline above. If your organisation is not a UPG Champion, then you can use the following link to apply as a Champion Organisation: https://unitedpeople.global/join.

Your Organisation

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Your Nomination and Your Support

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Please enter this person's email address. This should be the same email address that the candidate uses in their application.
How do you intend to support this candidate? *
Please note that the information that you provide here matters. The more generous and helpful your support is to the candidate's commitments, then the stronger the candidate's application becomes.

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