Journey to Hurricane Island

Total Registered Voters: 20,000+

Total Votes Count: 19,000+

About #JourneyToHurricane

The #JourneyToHurricane campaign invites people to select #UPGSustainability Leaders who will WIN a place on the special pilgrimage to Hurricane Island (USA). A unique and unforgettable experience on Hurricane Island (USA) provides further opportunities to UPG Sustainability Leaders. The island is a crowning achievement that both rewards those who are chosen and also strengthens them.

As an active citizen, YOUR VOICE and your vote can change someone’s life. Learn more about #UPGSustainability Leaders during this campaign. Encourage them in their actions to #MakeTheWorldBetter and then please vote for your favourite Nominee. For more about the #UPGSustainability Leadership movement, please click Learn More (below), otherwise, please scroll down and continue the #UPGSustainability #JourneyToHurricane!

Meet The Winners

Guess What?

We celebrate #UPGSustainability Leaders in the #JourneyToHurricane campaign🎉
The VOTING IS NOW CLOSED and yes we have a huge surprise for our nominees and voters! Click the link to find out

Do you want to guess?🤩
Which leader are you expecting to win in the different regions?

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