Journey to Hurricane Island

Meet The #UPGSustainability Leaders

Meet the Nominees! You can vote for 1 person in each category (e.g. 1 person in Male and 1 person in Female) – and you can do this in every region. Please browse this site and get to know the #UPGSustainability Leaders. If you have questions for them, then please signup for updates so that you know when they will be available in a LIVE session so that you can ask them questions.

By the end of the campaign, two people from each region will win the most votes and will secure a place on the #UPGSustainability #JourneyToHurricane. And your VOICE matters: who would you be happy to vote for? Please scroll down and learn more.

Partial Polling Results

Last Updated: 00:00 on 1 August 2021

Total Voters: 2,537

Partial Results Podium

1st – 1119 votes
2nd – 1030 votes
3rd – 992 votes

Please note that each Voter casts 2 votes: 1 woman and 1 man. And so the total number of votes is twice the total number of Voters.

Angela Elizabeth Ledon Maduro

I’m Angela Elizabeth Ledon Maduro from Zimbabwe. I’m a law student and a certified civic leader passionate about societal advancement through civic engagement.I’m founder and Chairperson of Trinity Charity Foundation which advocates for climate action as well as the rights of children. My aspiration is to become an advocate for human rights as well as being able to promote the sustainable development goals within my community with the help of other leaders.Iam also a certified UPG Biashara Enterprenuer and Sustainable Leader.I intend to use my leadership skills to help people within my community become self reliant through entrepreneurship. I believe that true leadership entails helping other people raise their voices and be heard.

Bello Rufai Wali

Bello Rufai Wali is a Nigerian, a Forester by profession, and a 2021 UPG Sustainability Leader and Champion. He is the Founder and Project Manager of Youth Hub, Kano; a campus-based initiative that advocates, implements and champions the SDGs alongside ethical leadership and digital skills. He emerged amongst the top three UPG leaders with the highest number of Mini-Trainings held and also amongst the top three leaders with the highest number of citizens directly trained. Bello has the potential to make the world a better place and he was once described by the UPG as a leader who is proactive with a winning mentality. He likes traveling around the world to interact with new people, to share and acquire knowledge, ideas, skills and experiences. Bello is always open to partnership and collaboration in service to humanity for everyone to achieve more.

Dr.Bamlak Kassahun

Dr. Bamlak Kassahun is born on July 01, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a junior hardworking and passionate Veterinarian and Economist, Tropical Medicine expert, and United People Global Sustainable Leader. He is a One Health advocate working on in All SDG numbers, the founder of Blue Vet and Beyond student For Change Initiative. He also works on youth empowerment. He is emotionally intelligent, a volunteer, a quick learner, willing to take the initiative, committed to bringing change, and able to handle complex and difficult situations. Apart From that, he is a visionary professional who seeks to relay an impact on his profession.

Helen Umeobieri

Helen Umeobieri is a self-motivated young Professional Educator from Nigeria and a passionate advocate for Sustainable Development Goals, especially Quality Education, Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action. She is a Global Schools Mentor Advocate helping to build the capacity and tools of teachers in her local community through guidance and support towards integrating Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education. As a UPG Sustainability Leader, Helen is obsessed with ensuring that more students and youths get access to quality education that will make them problem solvers and not a part of the problem to be solved in their local communities by caring for the present and future, people and planet.

Lydia Busime Balaluka

I am Busime Balaluka Lydia from the Democratic Republic of Congo.I am a Professional Social Worker and Almuni of YALIDRC, I work on issues of Education and Gender (Empowerment of women and young girls) with the organization Foundation for the Promotion and Development F. P. D. in DRC.My passion and the objective of my career is firstly to encourage Congolese and African youth in general to take ownership of our history and value it. Besides that, my involvement in the development process is to contribute to a change, an improvement within my community to build an integral and sustainable development in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Africa. I am characterized by determination and optimism and I believe that we are all bearers of great wealth for our communities. Youth being the essential ingredient, it will then be necessary to invest more in them through capacity building training, discipline, and values and principles that will help them respond effectively to the expectations of our communities.

Mwihaki Njogu

Imagine a world full of happy and healthy children, that’s a world you and I can create. I believe in taking initiative to be the protector of the future generation by investing in children’s welfare and rights. As the founder of Smile Child Organization, to ‘’Let Children Be Children’’ by advocating for their wellbeing is my constant driving force when championing for SDG 16 and 1; Peace, Justice and Strong Institution & No Poverty.

Tata Wirba Usmaila

Tata is a professional individual concerned with creating and rebuilding of sustainable communities in Cameroon and around the world. Tata’s approach to these issues is too fold, combining sustainability and education. To Tata sustainability means being able to support your own health and the health of your community in a way that is long term. Central to this is access to food, clean water, suitable homes and freedom from violence. Education means that the techniques and lessons needed to support this way of life are transmitted successfully to the people of the community, such that a balanced life can be achieved, and the means to acquire it are not forgotten.

Bisayo Adewole

Bisayo Adewole, fondly called The Eagle Teacher, is a UPG sustainability leader, and Global Schools Advocate. She is passionate about Education for Sustainable Development and Teacher Development. In the past 2 years, she has positively impacted over 2000 learners and teachers in her community through 15 different SDG projects. Her major community project focuses on raising young sustainability leaders in low income secondary school communities in Nigeria, and she has raised about 900 of them so far.

The Hurricane Island experience will be a platform to expose her global best practices and expand her reach beyond her local community.

Thierry Martial Tchangole

Mahouna Thierry Martial Tchangole is a Business Developer and Engineer Designer passionate about turning Research-Development(R&D).Founder/Executive-Director, at CosmoLAB Hub, a UPG Sustainability class of 2021. Thierry believes that Extraordinary change happens when passionate and inspired individuals share a common purpose to drive meaningful impact for the collective good.

Journey to Hurricane Island
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