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Meet The #UPGSustainability Leaders

Meet the Nominees! You can vote for 1 person in each category (e.g. 1 person in Male and 1 person in Female) – and you can do this in every region. Please browse this site and get to know the #UPGSustainability Leaders. If you have questions for them, then please signup for updates so that you know when they will be available in a LIVE session so that you can ask them questions.

By the end of the campaign, two people from each region will win the most votes and will secure a place on the #UPGSustainability #JourneyToHurricane. And your VOICE matters: who would you be happy to vote for? Please scroll down and learn more.

Partial Polling Results

Last Updated: 00:00 on 1 August 2021

Total Voters: 2,537

Partial Results Podium

1st – 1119 votes
2nd – 1030 votes
3rd – 992 votes

Please note that each Voter casts 2 votes: 1 woman and 1 man. And so the total number of votes is twice the total number of Voters.

Elena-Alexandra Miron

I am Elena-Alexandra Miron from Romania, I consider myself a sustainability change-maker.I am representing Romanian youth voices as a VicePresident of the Youth Council of Romania, I am working as a Sustainability lead at Social Innovation Solutions, an organisation that supports sustainable development & responsible economic growth in Romania as well as a UPG Sustainability Leader. I have been offered the opportunity to be a part of this cohort of sustainability leaders from all over the world and potentially be able to join them in this Journey to Hurricane Island. Why? Since I started working and being active within the sustainability field, I knew that my values and the principles I believe in should be aligned with my actions. In 2023, my goal is to create and develop a sustainability youth platform in Romania that supports and educates young people in becoming better citizens of the world through an educational course and financial support to initiate programs and activities that can have a positive impact on their community, at the local and national level. Your vote will mean a step closer to being able to attend the Hurricane Island experience and collaborate with young leaders from all over the world, to support and guide each other on this sustainability journey we started. I would like to thank you very much for hearing my story and empowering you to be the leaders of your own communities in these times when our future is in jeopardy.

Kedar Nepal

My interventions support smallholders in Asian context mainly on climate change impacts. So to help adapt and mitigate climate change impacts, I am working with them from Europe i.e., Germany.

Ogemdi Chinwendu Anika

I am Ogemdi Anika, a UPG Sustainability Leader based in the United Kingdom where I am currently using my PhD research project (a simple two-pronged technology to cut down on carbon emissions from organic wastes such as those from the agricultural sector whilst generating clean energy) to address two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (SDGs 7 and 13), so we all can have access to a wide variety of clean and environmentally friendly energy sources that are cheap.

Oleksandra Kurbet

Since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of my country, I have been a part of the #UnitedForUkraine project. It has been held every week and counts more than 45 events by now. This project is about (1) raising awareness about Ukraine, (2) sharing relevant information about what is happening here and how each of you can support us, and also about (3) having a safe place to speak with the international community.
For my fruitful and devoted work, I was titled UPG Peace Ambassador for Ukraine.
Within the framework of the project, together with my Ukrainian sisters, we held two lectures on “Sustainability and War” for two cohorts at Hurricane Island. #UnitedForUkraine concerns all 17 SDGs as it’s about fighting for Ukraine’s existence and victory in a genocide war, and war threatens all fields of life.

Serxho Preka

Serxho Preka from Planet Earth representing Albania – Western Balkans – Europe.An Economist by degree but born to be a green entrepreneur. If we don’t take a step forward on reducing plastic use, then Plastic is going to be the main ingredient of all our grandchildren’s recipe.Looking forward to making a positive impact on society by using the knowledge and expertise while at the same time satisfy the urge to do something meaningful.

Journey to Hurricane Island
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