Journey to Hurricane Island

Meet The #UPGSustainability Leaders

Meet the Nominees! You can vote for 1 person in each category (e.g. 1 person in Male and 1 person in Female) – and you can do this in every region. Please browse this site and get to know the #UPGSustainability Leaders. If you have questions for them, then please signup for updates so that you know when they will be available in a LIVE session so that you can ask them questions.

By the end of the campaign, two people from each region will win the most votes and will secure a place on the #UPGSustainability #JourneyToHurricane. And your VOICE matters: who would you be happy to vote for? Please scroll down and learn more.

Partial Polling Results

Last Updated: 00:00 on 1 August 2021

Total Voters: 2,537

Partial Results Podium

1st – 1119 votes
2nd – 1030 votes
3rd – 992 votes

Please note that each Voter casts 2 votes: 1 woman and 1 man. And so the total number of votes is twice the total number of Voters.

Kris-Love Moreau

My name is Moreau Kris-Love a 2022 UPG Sustainability Leader. I’m the CEO and founder of Living Free and Better, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged kids in Haiti. Education and peace interest me. I and LIFAB must educate every kid and bring peace to Haiti’s neglected areas. A 2022 nominee for the Young Peacebuilders Program with UNAOC. A certified UPG Sustainability Leader. Last year, LIFAB and I trained over 100 Haitian adolescents in the third district and gave them school supplies.

Misha Nicholas

My name is Misha Nicholas, and so far, it’s been a journey to discovery since I finished my UPG Sustainability leader traineeship. I have experience in agricultural research, international development, global communications (mostly in sustainability and gender equality), and neurodivergent advocacy. In the last four years, I have worked, volunteered, and interned for IGOs, NGOs, the government, and the private sector. In all, I am someone that wants people’s days to feel a bit brighter. I believe that all of us serve a role in making the world a better place for all.

Rood Myard Medgine Celange

Rood Myard Medgine CELANGE, originally from Haiti, holds a degree in Agronomist Engineering specializing in Natural Resources and Environment, she holds a Master’s degree in Risks and Environment and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Risk Management and Disasters at the University of Liège. It is certified in various fields related to the Sustainable Development Goals, which gives it the possibility of acting on several axes and is particularly interested in SDGs 5, 10 and 13 which are the bases of these fields of action. She is a dynamic young woman committed to youth leadership and biodiversity management. She is actively involved with various associations and youth programs in her country and also internationally. She believes in team spirit and sharing, according to her we can do much more and have more impact by working together.

Journey to Hurricane Island
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