Journey to Hurricane Island

Meet The #UPGSustainability Leaders

Meet the Nominees! You can vote for 1 person in each category (e.g. 1 person in Male and 1 person in Female) – and you can do this in every region. Please browse this site and get to know the #UPGSustainability Leaders. If you have questions for them, then please signup for updates so that you know when they will be available in a LIVE session so that you can ask them questions.

By the end of the campaign, two people from each region will win the most votes and will secure a place on the #UPGSustainability #JourneyToHurricane. And your VOICE matters: who would you be happy to vote for? Please scroll down and learn more.

Partial Polling Results

Last Updated: 00:00 on 1 August 2021

Total Voters: 3,599

Partial Results Podium

1st – 1729 votes
2nd – 1712 votes
3rd – 1573 votes

Please note that each Voter casts 2 votes: 1 woman and 1 man. And so the total number of votes is twice the total number of Voters.

Deelipa Shree Adhikari

I am Deelipa Shree Adhikari, UPG Sustainability Leader, 2023 based in Nepal.I have been working as a journalist in Nepal for the last one decade and also active in the democratic forum of Nepalese Journalist Forum, Here I am the elected deputy general secretary of Nepal Press Union.I believe in promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for the sustainable development which provides access to justice for all the build effective accountable and inclusive institutions.So, I am working based on SDG’s goal Decent work and economic growth. As a leader I believe in collaboration work to make a world better together and also I am working based in Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.

Deepti Chaudhary

Deepti Chaudhary #UPGsusatinability leader from India, a lawyer, a social worker, and a young sustainability leader. I’m working on my project based on SDG -4 & 5 that is for quality education and gender equality. Her target are students who are often discriminated and left behind to join the main stream of the society. she has worked with around 250 students in collaboration with few Indian NGOs specially for transgender students, special children, physically disabled children, and from other not so privileged groups.

Lilan Dayananda

Lilan Dayananda #UPGSustainability Leader is an international award-winning young social tech entrepreneur based in Sri Lanka. He has a good track record making positive impacts under SDG2, SDG13 and SDG15; reaching more than 100,000 marginalized farmers representing various geographical locations, cultures, religions, income classes, races, and genders.

Munaba Afsar

Munaba Afsar #UPGSustainability Leader from Gilgit, Pakistan, dedicated to advancing Quality Education (SDG 4). She is passionate about social impact and community development. Munaba strives to foster cross-cultural dialogue and promote innovation in her community.

Sagar Siripuram

Sagar #UPGSustainability Leader is Sustainable Materials Consultant, driving impactful projects for renowned luxury brands such as Burberry, Chaumet, and Dior Parfums. His expertise lies in Embodied Carbon, Health, and Circularity. He spearheaded sustainability initiatives and conducted case studies for JW Marriott and Burberry. With a focus on life cycle assessments, low-emitting materials, and certifications like LEED, LIFE, Hermes, and IGBC, He is dedicated to advancing eco-friendly and sustainability for prominent global brands. He hoped this campaign will helps him get the best outcomes to support his goals in the future.

Journey to Hurricane Island
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